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Sunday, 06 April 2008

Q:    What Is NetworkingTalent.com?
A:    Networking Talent.com is a place to advertise your talent and skill to legitimate casting agents and stunt coordinators in NYC and the metro area. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or yet undiscovered talent, make NTI work for you.

Q:    How is the NTI Talent site different from other talent based websites?
A:    You get a personalized NT webpage for your photos, resume and any information you want casting agents and stunt coordinators to know.

Q:     What does this mean?

A:    Provide anyone your NT webpage address!  Once they are on line, when your URL (also known as your webpage address) is entered, your page (with photo and information) will come up on their computer.

Q:    Is NTI useful for talent trying to get into the business?
A:    Yes.  If you are currently working in the business, or wish to be considered by casting agents or stunt coordinators for TV, movies, or commercials, and you only have skills and not experience, you must expose your resume and photo to those who are casting talent.  NT helps you do just that.

Q:    Is having my NT webpage like having an advertisement on the web?
A:    Yes. NTI is an opportunity to have your resume, skills and photos on a legitimate website which is seen and used by casting agents and stunt coordinators from NY based TV shows, commercials and movies.

Q:    Do casting agents even consider new talent?
A:    Yes. Casting Agents and stunt coordinators are constantly seeking new and skilled talent for work in NYC and the surrounding Metropolitan area.

Q:    How does anyone get my headshot and resume off the site to “hardcopy” onto their desk?
A:    Your photo and resume are in a file format that can be downloaded and printed off your personal NTI webpage.
Just Download and Print your Resume! If you are asked for a headshot and resume just to be considered for a job, simply provide them with your NTI webpage address.

Q:    Can I use my personal NTI web address in my advertising?
A:    Yes! Maximize your Exposure. Leave the Networking Talent.com address on your voicemail, and put it on your printed comp-card, resume, and headshot so you can be found on the web quickly.

Q:    How does NTI financially compare to me sending overnight mail when I have to get my resume out immediately?
A:    Ever miss a call, and get the message, run to the post office with your overnight envelope, complete with your resume and headshot? The fee for an overnight mailing is a minimum of $11.00. NTI’s current, low annual fee of $130.00 is the equivalent of just a handful of overnight mailings, without the frantic running around town. Save your running for auditions.

Q:    Do any talent based websites guarantee work?
A:    Do not be fooled!  No site can guarantee work due to the nature of the industry. There is no guarantee that anyone could make stating you will be chosen for a particular job. There is also no guarantee when you will be called for an audition. Therefore, you must get out there. Make your presence known in the field, in a professional manner.
NTI’s Members have the advantage of a direct web address and listings on search engines. All this, as well as hands on service and a low annual fee.

Q:    How many times a year can I update my resume and picture?
A:    As many as you wish !

Q:    How do I pay?
A:    You can pay by Check or Money Order or PayPal.


Q:    Where do I send my payment?
A:    Networking Talent LLC
       P.O.Box 701
       Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Q:   If at the end of my membership year, I don’t respond in time to my renewal letter, will I be removed from the site?
A:    Yes.  In order to guarantee that our membership list remains fresh for casting agents, etc, we must remove all listings of whom we have not been in touch with at the end of their membership year.

Q:    What materials do I need to provide the Webmaster with to be on the site?
A:    Mail a headshot or photo and clean, typewritten copy of your resume to the NTI address below.  A personal check or money order should also be included in the amount of $130.00.**

For the quickest response, ALSO email a Microsoft Word Document (.doc) resume OR Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file and a photo scan with a resolution of at least 72dpi to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q:    Must I send my documents digitally?
A:    No.  If you do not have any experience using a word processor or scanning a photo, we will do it for you when we receive your documents in our mailbox.  However, it will take slightly longer to post your resume on our website.

Q:    What are the current membership fees?
A:    The current annual membership fee is $130.00**

Q:    When will I be billed again for the second year ?
A:    If you pay by check or money order, you will receive an invoice within 30 days of your account termination date.

Q:    Do casting agents and stunt coordinators who use the site hire for SAG and AFTRA union work?
A:    Yes, many of the jobs are union yet there is no guarantee of this. These are questions you or your agent must ask of the casting agent.

Q:    I have an agent, should I list them as my contact on my NTI webpage?
A:    Absolutely.

Q:    If I sign up for the model section can I post my comp card on my NTI web page?
A:    Yes.

Q:    I am interested in being placed on more than one section, are there additional charges for this?
A:    No.  You may place yourself in two sections


Q:    How soon will my info be posted on my NTI web page ?
A:    One you click save your information is live.

Q:    Will I know if the call for an audition or a job is legitimate?
A:    NTI recognizes the casting agents and stunt coordinators who use the site. However, like all websites, anyone can view the site. NTI is an advertising based talent site and the traffic on the site is not exclusive to any one field. This works to the members advantage. **Anyone you wish can view your personal NTI webpage.

Similar to when you do a mailing or hand out your photos and resumes, verifying the legitimacy of the call or audition is your responsibility.

Q:    How soon can I expect to get a call or email from this site?
A:    Similar to when you do a mailing, you never know when you will be contacted for a job.

Q:    How can I use NTI to my fullest advantage?
A:    You should provide anyone you wish with your NTI website address. Leave it on your voice mail, put it on your photos and resumes. Because NTI is a hands on designed website, once your NTI webpage is up, you should be able to find your Networking Talent web page via all major search engines. This helps others find you as well. (If your full name is common, this may affect the results of the search)

Q:    Do I have to be willing to work as a local to sign up for the site?
A:    Yes, production companies and producers are not financially responsible for your travel or accommodations. The exception to this is when such accommodations are offered to you directly, in writing.

 Q:    Since I don’t have a web site can I give my NTI webpage address to prospective employers, production companies and casting agencies when I am on auditions as well?
A:    Absolutely!

NetworkingTalent.com is exposure for you.
NetworkingTalent.com is a place for you to advertise.
Use your own NTI web address on your resume and comp cards.

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