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Rose SiasRose Sias   


Film / TV:


Third WatchLaVonne's Girlfriend
Molly GunNanny #2
Law & Order SVUVice Cop - Recurring
GLooped many characters
Stuart Little IIStunt Nun
ShaftStunt Actor
Return to ParadiseReporter
One Tough CopBride's Maid
All My ChildrenRecurring U-5's
Computer AssociatesComputer Techie
New York, NYConstruction Worker
Beef, NationalWoman Beefeater
United HealthcareHelicopter Doctor
Pennsylvanie LotterySid's Guest

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

Stage Combat, Scene Study, Soap & Scene Study, Commercial Courses


Stand-In, Photo double and stunt double for all African American female athletes (5'10 and up)


ACCENTS- British, Southern, Street dialectician, West Indian

Play Tuba, Trombone, Guitar, chess, checkers, cards...

StatsStats  Height: 5'11"
Measure: 38-28-38
Hair: Brown Locks

ContactContact  Cell: 646-242-7955

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