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Carla OcchiogrossoCarla Occhiogrosso   


Film / TV:


Little KingsCop #1 (principal)
A Beautiful MindPrinceton Student (princi
Third WatchParamedic (recurring pri
Hey Vinny!Carla (prinicipal)
Four Deadly ReasonsChristine Venutti (princi
Delicious LoveParamedic (principal)
Mickey Blue EyesParty Guest (principal)
DamagesPatty's Assistant (recurr
Searching for Bobby DeniroGina (principal)
LiftParamedic (principal)
Pizza, Peaches & WineMaria (principal)

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

Acting/Scene Study                    Joseph Daly - HB Studios
Voice                                          Lenore Harris-HB Studios
Acting for Film                           Frank Adonis
On Camera Technique               Adrianne Adams
Acting for Commercials             Ed Jennings
Kickboxing / Karate                  Zarko Academy / Rene Zarko


NYC Marathon Runner (Member of NYC Road Runners Club), Triathlete, Competitive Swimming, Lifeguard / EMT Training, Valid NY Driver's License, Athletic Ability in Team Sports, some Gymnastics, Dance (swing & Ballroom), Skiing, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Kickboxing/Karate, Teaching experience (pre-k through Jr. high), Stand-in experience.-for many actresses: Jennifer Connelly, Sophia Vergara, Zuleka Robinson, etc.


Wardrobe: Uniforms: NYPD old & new , FDNY EMT/Paramedic, Business, Scrubs, Nurse, Lab coat, Formal

Car:1997 Nissan Sentra 4 door color: Dark Green 

StatsStats  Hair: Dark Brown            Eyes: Brown
ContactContact  Direct: Cell: (917) 841-8935

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