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Jen WeissenbergJen Weissenberg   


Film / TV:


Transformers 2Utility Stunts
Rescue MeStunt Driver, Stunt Doubl
All My ChildenSunt Dbl: Rebecca Budig
Protest Boardwear (Print Ad)Stunt Dbl: Maxine Saoulet
Around The BlockND Stunt Driver
Wes Craven's 25/8Stunt Dbl: Emily Meade
Happy TearsStunt Dbl: Demi Moore
The Lovely BonesStunt Dbl: Soairse Ronen
The Lovely BonesUtility Stunts
She's Out of My LeagueStunt Dbl: Lindsay Sloane
DEVIMo Cap Stunts for DEVI

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  


Dancing – Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Salsa, Gymnastics, Acting, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Snow Skiing, Snow Boarding, Swimming, Diving, High Falls, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Biking, High Falls (35ft to date), Acting, Fighting,  Parkour, Driving (manual trans), Russian Language & Accents


Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 105lbs

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown/ Long

Ethnicity: Caucasion/ Latin

Dress Size: 0/2 xs

Shoe Size: 6

Ages: 13- 30 


1227 Christian St

Apt 2R

Philadelphia, PA 19147


Cell: (267) 334-6575

Email/ bb: 

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