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ObsidianActor/Fights/Driving Stun
Random ElementActor/Fight Scenes/Guns
A Bronx TaleActor
Help me!Actor/Fight Scenes
Sadie's Hawkins DayActor/Fight Scenes
Any Given SundayActor/Football Player/ Ta
Help Wanted TLCHigh Fall/Air-Ram Ratchet
Taylor Dane VideoActor
Modell's CommercialActor/Athletic Slam-Dunks
Law & OrderActor/Basketball Player/D
Naughy by Natur VideoActor
Cypress Hill VideoActor

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  Skydiving, Whitewater Rafting, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, High Falls, Partial Burns, Stage Combat, Member of the USA Track and Field, Former Football and Basketball player, bodybuilder, member of NPC, Member of National Press Clib.  WDCT-V Entertainment Reporter, WHTZ-Z100 Air Personality/Promotions, WXRK K-Rock Promotions/Live at the Arenas, Enter Stage Right / Talk Show Host.
StatsStats  Height: 6'3"                  Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair: Black/Brn            Eyes: Green
ContactContact  Phone: 215-901-4131

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