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Tim D. SmithTim D. Smith   


Film / TV:


Tiger BeerCommercial
Federal ExpressCommercial
Young AmericansFilm
Prince CharmingFilm
Stepford WivesFilm
Leggs Salute to Stunt WomenLive Show
Julius CaesarTheatre
Third WatchTelevision
TV Fun HouseTelevision

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

SPECIAL SKILLS:    - Commanding Officer of NYPD Detective Unit.
- Police Training and Background as supervisor of uniformed and undercover police offers.
- Organized, supervised and participated in the LONGEST INDOOR RAPPEL RECORD inside the World Trade Center Tower #1
- Chief Instructor for nationally known rope rescue company with 12 years experience training rescue teams from Fire, Police and industry throughout the United States
- Trained members of the Alaskan Pipe Line rescue team
- Trained and worked in Nuclear Power Plants
- Member of the Federal Emergency Management Team (FEMA)
- Trained in weapons of mass destruction and responded to and handled actual live ANTHRAX situations with the NYPD Haz Mat Team
- Responded to Ground Zero on 9/11 and supervised rescue and recovery teams
- Responded to numerous emergencies such as airplane crashes, motor vehicle accidents, water rescues, people under trains, train crashes, bombings, suicides, jumpers from bridges and buildings, barricaded people, shootings, etc.


PROFILE:    - Police Sergeant for the New York City Police Department Emergency Services Unit with over 22 years experience
- Stunt Man, Rigger, Technical Advisor, SAG member
- Former iron worker in the construction industry
- Tractor trailer/bus/motorcycle licenses
- Highly trained and very experienced instructor specializing in scuba diving, rope rescue, rappel, firearms, rescue teams


CERTIFICATIONS:    - Padi rescue scuba diver
- NYS Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-D)
- EPA certified Hazardous Materials Technician
- Nationally certified Rope Rescue Instructor
- Certified Rescue Instructor (Louisiana State University)
- NYPD Helicopter Rappel Master
- NYPD trained Firearms Instructor

StatsStats  Height: 6' 2"            Weight: 260
Hair: Shaved            Eyes: Blue
ContactContact  Phone: 516-807-6765

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