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Chad HesslerChad Hessler   


Film / TV:


Searching for David's HeartStunt Double
Third WatchStunt Double
Third WatchStunt Player
Corvette CommercialAsst. to Stunt Coordinato
The VisitingStunt Player
Sony Ericsson CommercialRigger
Without a TraceAsst. to Stunt Coordinato
FurMarine Department
Under DogStunt Double
Gone Baby GoneSafety
6 DegreesStunt Double
SmithStunt Player
TendernessMarine Department
Law & OrderStunt Plater

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

Driving, Falls, Very Athletic, ATV, Ratchets, Football, Bike Riding, Burns, Swimming, RC Cars/Trucks, Motorcycle/Dirt Bikes, Jet Ski


Stunt Coordinators Worked For:   
Jeff Galpin                    Court Hessler                Brian Smyj
Keith Adams                Danny Aiello III              Bobby Brown
Chris Barnes                 John Coeppman            Bronco Eracci
Pete Pacozi                  Johnny Cenatempo        Jerry Hewitt

StatsStats  Height: 5'8"                    Weight: 135



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