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Cort Hessler IIICort Hessler III   


Film / TV:


Third Watch2nd Unit Director / Coord
ER2nd Unit Director / Coord
Ladder 49Double
Young AmericansStunt Coordinator
ChosenStunt Coordinator
One Life to LiveStunt Coordinator - Multi
The WatcherStunt Coordinator
Scarred CityStunt Coordinator
I'm With LucyStunt Coordinator
The ContractStunt Coordinator
Diary of a Serial KillerStunt Coordinator
16 BlocksStunt Coordinator
I Am LegendMarine Stunt Coordinator

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator, Marine Coordinator, Rescue Diver, All Boat Work, All Car Work, Freestyle Jetskiing (Standups and Sitdowns), Air Rams, Ratchets, Car Hits, Fire Work, Climbing, Rappelling, Anything in, on, under or above the water, stunt coordinator for over 150 episodes of telvevision.

ContactContact  Phone: 973-714-8344

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