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Jay SpadaroJay Spadaro   


Film / TV:


DuplicityDouble - Paul Giamatti
Law & Order SVUDouble - Arye Gross
The WireUniform Officer/ Multiple
The Bronx is BurningDavid Berkowitz
The Black DonnellysMike Hogan
Ghost TownUtility Stunt
Dancing With ShivaUtility Stunt
American GangsterStunt Driving
FreedomlandUniform Officer
Lucky Number SlevenDouble - Stanley Tucci
The Late ShowDouble - Paul Schaeffer
Tuck EverlastingDouble - Ben Kingsley
Third WatchStunts / Multiple Episode

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

Precision/Stunt Driving/ Air Ram/ Ratchet/ Mini Tramp/ Fight Work/Stair Falls/ Guns/ Rigging (ROCO  1 Training)  Rappelling/ PADI/ Horseback Riding/ Sports/ Nationally Certified EMT/ Hurst Equiptment Certification(Jaws of Life)

7 seasons as "Officer Salerno" on Homicide: Life on the Streets, Acting Resume upon Request.


Height  - 5' 9"              Eyes - Brown                  Shirt - 16 x 33

Weight - 155                Suit - 40 R                       Shoe - 9

Hair-Brown                  Pants - 31 x 31                 Hat - 7  1/4



Jay Spadaro 732-829-2450

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