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Declan MulveyDeclan Mulvey   


Film / TV:


Knight & DayStunt Performer
The Adjustment BureauStunt Performer
SaltStunt Performer
SurrogatesStunt Performer
My Soul to TakeStunt Double & Creature
Ugly BettyStunt Performer
Life on MarsStunt Performer
FringeStunt Performer
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaStunt Performer
The CompanyStunt Dbl Chris O'Donnell
One Life To LiveStunt Performer
CharmedStunt Performer
Imaginary HeroesStunt Driver
Saints Row 2Mo Cap Stunt Performer

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  

Visit for demo reel

Martial Arts - 16 years various disciplines, weapons, focus on screen fighting & falls

Gymnastics - 9 years, floor tumbling, acrobatics & trampolines 

Rick Seaman's Motion Picture Driving Super Level I

Body Burns 

Hi Falls to 50 feet

Wire work & Ratchet

Basic firearms & squib hits 

Well-rounded athlete, strong swimmer, bicycles, basketball, etc.

Basic Acting - studied at NYU Dept. of Drama 

Film Production degree from NYU - Produced 2 feature films "TKO" & "Game Over"



5' 9"

167 lbs.

Coat: 42R

Shirt: M

Waist: 32

Inseam: 31

Sleeve: 31

Neck: 16 1/2 

Hat:  7 5/8

Shoe; 10

Glove: M 


Cell: 646-831-7973



website has reels, pictures, & complete resume 

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