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Chris MorenaChris Morena   


Film / TV:


VW CommercialStunt Driver
Cold Pizza / ESPNStunt Driver
German PBRStunts
American Chopper2 Wheel Driving ( Hi Ski
Armageddon On WheelsStunts

Certification & SkillsCertification & Skills  Stunt Driving, HI Ski ( driver side down ), Firearms, Fights, High Falls, Ice Hockey, In-line skating, Car Hits, Snow Skiing, Scuba ( NAUI ), Stair Falls, Motorcycle License, Mountain Biking, CDL Class A, Car Jumps/Crashes, ND Stunts, Over 500 Car Crashes - 9 Years touring with Auto Stunt Show 
StatsStats  Hight- 5'6" Weight- 150 Hair- Dark Brown Eyes- Hazel Waist- 31 Inseam- 29 Shoe- 9
ContactContact  Cell: 914-393-6658 Email: Website:

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